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CARTENS AUTO SOUND & SOUNDPROOFING Xperience Store Jakarta - Indonesia

  • Since 2002, Eddie & Luciana started this business with passion to delivers quality in-car entertaintment 
  • Focus on giving you best services and great experiences
  • Always innovate and adapt the best technology to deliver you best results
  • Trusted for every installation that we do and products that we provide for you
  • Lifetime support of every product we sell
  • We consider every customer as our Cartens' family
Our Expert

Our Team Cartens-IndonesiaTrustedCarAudio consists of specialist for car audio and sound proofing installations with 20years of professionalism to achieved the best results and customers satisfaction.

We are committed to delivering the best quality services and products with passion.

— Eddie Soesanto



Mr. Eddie Soesanto has been delivering
his best contribution in car audio industry.
Discover his track records.